Employee Benefits

Member risk factor education is the key to a healthier population; because of this, we're allowing our system to automatically assign articles and quizzes to your members based on their identified risk factors in the online health risk assessment.

Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment, HRA

The foundation of any corporate wellness program will be the health risk assessment of the employees. Once the data has been obtained your team can analyze the company on a whole and provide a course of action on how to become a healthier and more productive company. Depending on the expenditure the company is willing to invest in this phase, you will be able to coordinate the following assessments:

  • Diabetes Screening
  • Cholesterol Screening
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Onsite Health Screening
  • Biometric Screening
  • Blood Work (Panel and Finger Stick)

Online Fitness, Nutrition, and Body Morphing

To gain focus, develop a targeted plan based on your interpretation of the data you gathered during the assessment period. Our "Body Morphing" technology will assist the participant in seeing their goal and a realistic time line on when they can achieve these results. Every week our system will analyze their performance and update their expected goal dates based on how dedicated they were to their plan. Your experts will also be able to track the employees engagement to ensure a successful implementation of the program.

  • Individualized MyPlan Profiles for every employee.
  • Participant specific Nutrition and Workout Plans
  • Articles appear and provide guidance based on health risk factors
  • Engage your trainers with Corporate Employees to increase your profit.
Online Nutrition Plan

Risk Factor Education

Member Risk Factor Education

Understanding the implication of your Health Risk Assessment is an essential component to a successful corporate wellness program. Once the employee has submitted their health risk assessment, our platform will automatically subscribe them to articles related to any factors they may be at risk for. Each article will have a simple quiz to ensure they have understood the topics related to the article. Successfully completing these quizzes will earn the employee participation points towards their goals

  • Participants become more aware of their health risks.
  • Participants receive their own personalized report outlining their current health status, areas for improvement, and recommended next steps.
  • Each participant has access to links for more information on areas that interest them or apply to their health situation.
  • Knowledge of their individual risk factors can help participants become more proactive about their health.

Health Seminars and Webinars

After assessment results are obtained deliver educational seminars to employees. Utilize your knowledge of the companies risk factors to conduct group sessions regarding topics relevant to improving the health of a large pool of participants.