White Labeled Corporate Wellness Reseller Tools

Organizations are recognizing that improving the health, and therefore increasing productivity, of their workforce can do more than cut costs. Increased productivity leads to an improved bottom line and sustained competitive advantage. Successful outcomes-based wellness programs measure productivity in addition to focusing on medical cost savings.

We will teach you how to sell Corporate Wellness

We all know that a well-staffed sales function is vital to business success. As we will show, signs point to an increasing awareness among companies that they should invest in Corporate Wellness. We will share what we have learned from building our platform to tailor to an individuals health needs. Our weekly hosted webinars will provide your staff a continuing eduation to stay on top of current trends and obtain new business for your health club.

  • Our platform creates new revenue and branding opportunities for your health club and personal training partners. (Greatly increase your trainers/experts annual revenues and keep the good ones at your facility, happier and wealthier.)
  • Most importantly, it represents an additional profit center for your facility, and will increase profits from online members that may never step into your facility. However, if and when they decide to join a facility, they will remember your branding which they see each time they log in to your website.

Customizable and Branded Corporate Wellness Presentation

You and your employees will be able to present a professional and branded presentation that can be taylored to the corporations needs

  • Add corporate logos, presenter information and slogan.
  • Present detailed slides regarding Health Statistics, Platform Tools, and setting a course of action.
  • Create Bronze, Silver and Gold packages to provide your clients with options.
  • View a sample presentation.

Branded Corporate Login Portals

Your clients will receive their own unique login page and dashboard to manage their staff and direct employees to participate in the program.

  • Each user receives a unique token to activate their personal wellness profile
  • Manage users by Company, Location, Department and Facility
  • Increase Employee Participation and Motivate Employees
  • Lifestyle Change Programs

Corporate Health Assessment Analytics Tool

Companies are required by law to protect individual health information, but managers can receive aggregated data that identify categories of greatest need and document changes in workforce health status. By capturing key metrics, a wellness dashboard helps to connect investments in a program with short and long-term results. Sophisticated companies set metrics-related goals and examine trends closely, just as they do for other facets of their business.

No matter which step of your wellness program you are planning, it is important to have a project plan in place. Once that plan is rolled out you need a tool in order to track the effectiveness of that plan.